Always Reachable

A simple, intelligent and effective App that helps you to update all your contacts, and stay connected at all times, when you change your number

Did you ever dream of an App that updates all your smartphone contacts with your new number instantly?

It’s time to modernize and update all your contacts with your new number through LetzwApp!

About LetzwApp

User Friendly

Changing the phone number had never been so easy, we made it easy and secure! No more worry about texting or calling your contacts and updating your new number manually.

Unique Design

Update all of your contacts in no time, just one click away! You can also change your phone number as quick as lightning. Download LetzwApp from App store and Play store, Sit back, and relax, while we do the work.

Fast and Secure

iOS and Android users can update their phone number through an OTP secure Authentication protocol

Look & Feel

Supports Phones and Tablets with Android Version 6 Or Later, and iOS 9 or Greater”

Mission Statement

We have just simplified the process of updating your smartphone contacts instantly, when you change your phone number!

We have developed this App by implementing our thought process to help the global smartphone users, to always be reachable, all the time!

“No more worry about texting or calling your contacts and updating your new number manually.”

“ LetzwApp provides flexibility for all the iOS and Android smartphone users to change the phone number anytime and update the new number directly in their contact’s smartphone or Tablets"

“ LetzwApp can also assign a dummy number to one or more contacts, if the user decides the contact is no longer needed to store the user’s phone number.”

how it works? checkout the video!

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In this day and age, privacy and security is very important for all of us. We have carefully enabled OTP Authentication for our privacy & security.

OTP - Anytime when you change your number, an OTP will be triggered to the number you choose to assign. This gives you the permission to use the given phone number and share with your contacts through LetzwApp.

Dummy Number (DN) - We have introduced this powerful feature to help the global smartphone users to protect your privacy. If you do not want any of your contact to store your number, you can simply assign a dummy number to the contact(s) you choose. This removes your number from your contact's smartphone device.

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